About Me

Bo Hickey (47) and my self(29) before our 5k
Welcome to my blog!!

Here is a little information about me:
     I am Nick Evangelista, and life is my passion.
I am a student at Penn State University, studying
advertising.  I am a Cadet in Air Force ROTC
and a member of the club cross country team.

     I love sports and being outdoors. Running and lacrosse are my favorites, but I enjoy mountain biking, racquetball, basketball, and Frisbee.

     The loves of my life include Family, Friends, Fitness, Music, and Food. I am a highly ambitious and motivated individual.  I tend to be very optimistic and realistic.

     I am currently training for my life goal #6: running a marathon.  Please join me in my endeavor to fulfill a personal life goal, while changing other lives for the better.  Use this blog as a way to monitor my progress, learn a little bit about my self, and, if possible, donate to my cause.

" Every Step You Take Today, Makes It Easier For Tomorrow" - Nick Evangelista

- Nick

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  1. Nick - absolutely well done and very inspirational. We miss you at the beach! T.